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If you are a Local Authority notifying us of proposed alterations to a listed building, please email [email protected]. Pre-application consultations can be sent to our caseworkers directly.

To notify us about a building at risk in your area, please email our caseworkers:

Churches in England and Wales, excluding the West Midlands:
James Hughes - Senior Conservation Adviser (Churches)
020 8747 5892

Secular buildings in Southern & Eastern England, and all London boroughs excluding the City:
Olivia Stockdale - Conservation Adviser

Secular and church buildings in the West Midlands:
Tim Bridges
01684 592 380

Secular buildings in Northern England, East Midlands, Wales, the City of London
Tom Taylor
020 8747 5894

Secular buildings in Leicester
Peter Ellis
01455 291 694

Press enquiries:

Molly Murray-Ayres
Media Officer


Jane Jephcote
020 8747 5895

General & membership enquiries:

Richard Seedhouse
020 8747 5890

Contact our Director:

Christopher Costelloe

[email protected]

020 8747 5890

To contact our regional groups around the country:

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