1815 Sculpture Walk: Bertie takes command: Hyde Park Corner to Waterloo Place via the Mall

Thursday 12 July 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Price for single delegate: £0.00

This walk, led by Philip Ward-Jackson, looks at the monumental transformations in the area around Buckingham Palace, which took place between 1883, when the Wellington Arch was realigned, and 1912, when, after the unveiling of the Victoria Memorial, plans were set afoot to commemorate Edward VII in Green Park, with a memorial which would celebrate his contributions to European peace. From the time that he had been Prince of Wales, with the collaboration of a series of compliant First Commissioners of Works and later with that of the Victoria Memorial Committee, he had presided over a series of planning decisions, whose object had been to create an effect which was grandiloquent without being belligerent.


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