1925 Visit to the Tower of London

Monday 04 November 2:20 AM to 4:00 PM

Price for single attendee: £40.00

For almost 1000 years the Tower of London has been a fortress, a palace and a prison, at once noble and notorious in equal measure.
Beginning in the 1850s, the Tower underwent a period of transformation as the Office of Works set about restoring the iconic castle. The restoration of the Tower was characterised by the ‘remedievalisation’ of the ancient monument, as parts were altered and adapted
to give them a more ‘historical’ appearance. Under the guidance of architects Anthony Salvin and Sir John Taylor, walls were refaced,
windows were replaced and battlements were added to formerly flat rooflines, while parts of the medieval palace – some dating to the reign of Edward I – were destroyed in the course of these late-Victorian ‘improvements’. Join Curators Roisin Inglesby and Tom Drysdale for a guided tour of the Tower to see first-hand how the Victorians created the modern image of the Tower which is so familiar today. This
event will include a special visit to the archives of Historic Royal Palaces (HRP) to see some of Salvin and Taylor’s original drawings, which are still kept in the Tower’s vaults. Tom Drysdale is the Archivist and Curator of Architectural Drawings at HRP where he is responsible for the cataloguing, appraisal, digitisation and storage of HRP’s archive of 30,000 historic architectural drawings. Roisin Inglesby was Curator of Architectural Drawings at HRP from 2015-16. She is now Curator at the William Morris Gallery where she is curating the forthcoming exhibition Pioneers: William Morris and the Bauhaus. Meet at group entrance (Middle Drawbridge), Tower of London. Tube: Tower Hill or DLR: Tower Gateway. £40. Booking required.*



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