Arts and Crafts Churches

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Arts & Crafts Churches. What are they? Where are they? And, come to that, why are they? Do they even exist? If so, how can you recognise them? What sets them apart? Why are they important? And why don’t we know about them? More to the point, why has there never been a book about them – before now?

Dr Alec Hamilton started researching the subject in 2005, first as a modest BA dissertation (5 churches), then as a doctoral thesis (35 churches) – and last month his book, Arts & Crafts Churches, was published by Lund Humphries (over 200 churches).

Between 1880, say, and 1920, why were people building churches at all, when believing in God was no longer obligatory, necessary or even the norm? And why did these churches look unlike those of the High Victorian Gothic Revival, yet not quite reach towards Modernism? What was ‘No-Longer-Victorian’ about them, and the idiosyncratic people who built them?

In this talk he introduces – briefly – the best-known: Holy Trinity, Sloane Street; All Saints, Brockhampton; St Andrew, Roker. Then he touches on ten of the less well-known. And, finally, examines 15 of the truly obscure, and the beautiful, often puzzling furnishings and decorations they contain. Your most pressing, nagging, sceptical and contrarian questions will be welcomed.

27th October - 7pm - £5 - Click here to book!

Please note, should you be unable to watch the lecture live, you can still purchase a ticket and watch the lecture at a later time - included in the ticket price is a link to watch a replay of the lecture at your leisure.


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